Reuben Hunter (image credit: Levon Polinelli)

Photo credit: Levon Polinelli, 2018

All About Reuben Hunter


Reuben Hunter is an ex-expat British-Australian stand-up comedian and serial-hyphenator. He did his first ever stand-up gig at the age of six at a church talent show. He then rested on his laurels for another 13 years until his second ever performance as a part of Australia's national 'RAW' comedy competition. Since then, he's been on stage whenever and wherever he can. He's performed across Australia and UK, has gigged in New Zealand and USA, and in 2016 he wrote and performed his first solo comedy show 'The Hoard' at the Perth FringeWorld Festival.

Now based in Europe, Reuben is planning a festival tour for 2018 and spends most of his time writing bios for his website.

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